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BAFE SP101 is a certification for companies that work with fire extinguishers. The scheme is owned by BAFE, it ensures that the subscribing companies follow high standards in installing, commissioning, and maintaining fire extinguishers. To get certified, companies must pass strict assessments, regular audits, and keep up with ongoing training. This certification reassures customers that the company can provide reliable fire protection, improving safety and meeting regulations.

What are the benefits of BAFE SP101?

  • Assurance of Quality: It gives assurance that a company meets high standards in fire extinguisher, installation, commissioning, and maintenance.
  • Customer Confidence: Certification reassures customers that they are choosing a reliable and competent provider for fire protection services.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps organisations comply with legal and safety regulations, reducing the risk of fines or legal issues.
  • Competitive Advantage: Differentiates certified companies from non-certified ones, potentially attracting more business.
  • Improved Safety: Ensures that fire alarm systems are effective and reliable, enhancing overall safety for buildings and their occupants.
  • Ongoing Improvement: Regular audits and training requirements promote continuous improvement in skills and knowledge.
  • Professional Recognition: Demonstrates a commitment to excellence and professionalism within the fire protection industry.


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