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3core2 Certification Ltd is a dynamic and modern certification body auditing to the requirements of accreditation bodies. Taking your requirements into account as our client, we ensure our audit gives value-add to your already rigorous system.

3core2 Certification Ltd has a staged project in place to attain accreditation from more than one accreditation body. The company already boasts of clients nationally and internationally in all sectors and industries.

How We Started: The Innovative Journey of 3core2

The inception of 3core2 marks a pivotal moment in the professional certification landscape, a journey ignited by the innovative spirit of Donn Houldsworth. Identifying a critical need in the industry, Donn set out to revolutionise the certification experience, bringing a fresh and dynamic approach to a field ripe for change.

As the founder of 3core2, Donn brought his distinct vision to life, driven by an innate understanding of structure, discipline, and a relentless pursuit of quality. Under his guidance, 3core2 rapidly evolved into a paragon of excellence, redefining the standards of the certification process.

Donn’s approach is not merely an improvement but a total reinvention. At the heart of 3core2‘s philosophy, inspired by Donn’s forward-thinking strategies, is a commitment to transformative experiences that transcend traditional certification boundaries.

With Donn at the helm, 3core2 has become more than a company – it’s a movement towards comprehensive betterment. From enhancing operational systems to fostering skill development among team members, every facet of 3core2 is a testament to Donn’s visionary approach, ensuring that companies are guided towards not only the betterment of their employees and services but also the communities they serve and the customers they support.

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We’ve worked with thousands of satisfied customers to validate their company to attain a greater level of competency as a result of attaining specific certification relevant to core company processes. 

Whether you’re looking to train your staff members to new heights thanks to our unique online course system (coming soon!) or if you’re ready to take your company through the processes of assessment to determine competency with crucial ISO certification that’ll give your customers and partners much-needed reassurance, we’re here to provide our premium 3core2 seal of approval that we’re known for. 

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