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Assessment bodies seek accreditation to prove their technical competencies, reliability and integrity.

Organisations accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) can demonstrate they are competent and trusted to deliver a safe standard and quality of performance and protection for the products and services users rely on.

During the accreditation process organisations will prove compliance through testing, verification, inspection and calibration. UKAS accreditation boosts the organisation’s credibility of its test results, ensures reliability of measurements, enhances the reputation of certified activities, and ensures inspected equipment and processes can be relied upon to operate safely and accurately.

Accreditation drives confidence in all sectors by underpinning the quality of the accredited organisation’s results, ensuring traceability, comparability, and validity. UKAS accreditation offers the highest levels of impartiality, objectivity, and competence through a continuous assessment process, delivered by trained and highly competent assessors and technical experts in their respective fields.

How 3core2 can help.

3Core2 offers internationally recognised certifications that are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to support your organisation’s credibility. Choosing one of our UKAS-accredited certifications can help you win more business and increase your credibility against your competitors.

With a total of eleven ISO certifications ranging from Quality Management to Environmental Management, Service Management and IT Security there’s a suitable certification for all business operations.

Building trust

Certification will improve your business operations and showcase your business, proving that you're competent and trustworthy.

Recognised Standards

Working to recognised standards will increase the value of your products and services, giving your organisation the 3Core2 seal of approval which is backed by UKAS.

Simple Auditing

3Core2 will provide a simple auditing process to analyse how you perform against the selected standards.


Our innovative SafeArb program for arborists seeking to improve safety and best practices is also now available.

Your business, certified.

We offer some of the most popular and helpful certifications to suit all business needs. Not sure what to choose? Get in touch.

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