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Your Certification Journey

Step 1

Before Certification

It's important to assemble the team that'll be implementing your chosen management system. Check if a verified ISO expert is required, or if additional ISO-based training is needed. With better core engagement from all members at an early stage, the greater the chance of success. Additionally, you should define the reasons why you want to achieve a particular certification to give a clear sense of motivation.

  • Read the ISO material
  • Review your existing systems
  • Carry out the art of persuasion

"All relevant team members should read the ISO standard documentation"

Step 2

Gap Analysis

Before undertaking an actual assessment, it's better to highlight weaknesses so that these can be addressed prior to a Stage 1 Assessment.

Training Where Necessary

Our expert training instructors have the knowledge, skills and expertise to guide you on what to expect throughout this journey, particularly at this stage.

What's next?

Step 3

Stage One Assessment: Assessment of the management system documentation will be undertaken to see if it is sufficiently developed to progress to a Stage Two Assessment. This will give confidence to you and the auditor that the Stage Two Assessment can proceed.

Step 4

A more detailed analysis is carried out (Stage Two) to compare evidence of the organisation's system against the standard's requirements.

Steps 5 and 6

A decision is made regarding certification. If successful, you will be presented with your certificate along with the specified requirements for organisational branding (including ISO).

Continual Assessment

Next is maintaining the standards you have demonstrated. You will have an annual audit and you will have a recertification assessment after 3 years to see if standards are maintained.

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