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SafeArb is a safety audit program tailored for arborists and holds accreditation from SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement). Developed by experts in the arboriculture industry, SafeArb serves as a rigorous assessment mechanism to ensure compliance with safety standards and best practices among arborists. Its accreditation by SSIP  further underscores its credibility and reliability as an essential tool for safety assurance in the arboriculture sector.

What are the benefits of SafeArb?

  • You will gain formal recognition as an accredited professional, individual or company.
  • As an independently audited and accredited professional your clients and customers will know that you have acquired the industry level of competence and have a commitment to professionalism.
  • Accreditation offers quality assurance to those who engage sub-contractors. SafeArb  has already been adopted by one of the country’s leading arboriculture companies and accreditation is a requirement for those wishing to become a sub-contract service supplier to that organisation.
  • The audit practices and principles are designed to  meet the safety and quality demands of modern arboriculture and amenity tree care.

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