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Last reviewed 13/12/2023


To ensure that 3core2 Certification can provide clients the consistency, responsiveness and flexibility that is expected, it is paramount that audit visits which have been scheduled to take place are carried out on the day in which it has been organised and are not cancelled or rearranged at short notice.

Audit visits are arranged many months in advance and are agreed with the clients. It is communicated clearly at the time of organising the visit that cancellation at short notice will result in a cancellation fee.

It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they are prepared for an audit visit. It is not acceptable to cancel an audit due to the lack of readiness, as this deprives other clients of a resource that would otherwise be available to them. This also has an impact of 3core2 Certification’s resource utilisation which increases the cost of our audit services for all our clients.

By agreeing audit dates, 3core2 Certification is committing to resources. Usually, audit dates are agreed between the auditor and the client during an audit and are recorded on the report. Alternatively, 3core2 Certification and the client will agree dates for audits which are confirmed in writing. The client is then responsible to ensure that the audit can be carried out with the plan on the agreed date(s).

As per the T&C’s agreed when applying for certification with 3core2, when audits are cancelled or re-arranged the following fee structure applies:

 – Cancellation within 0-15 working days of planned audit – 100% of the prevailing day rate.

 – Cancellation within 16-30 working days of planned audit – 50% of the prevailing day rate.

Fees are charged per auditor and per audit day.

Any additional expenditure which has been incurred by 3core2 Certification and is not reclaimable (including, but not limited to flights, other travel expenditure and hotels) will also be charged at cost.

Our Auditors and Client Services personnel do not have the ability to waive cancellation fees.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our cancellation policy, please contact our Client Services Team who will escalate to Management accordingly.


Donn Houldsworth

Managing Director