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Employer Supported Policing

“Employer Supported Policing is a great way for employers and businesses to play their part in making their community safer.”

The Police service has a national Employer Supported Policing Scheme, which is a partnership benefitting employers, their staff and the police service by releasing Special Constables and Police Support Volunteers to volunteer in the communities they serve.

The scheme asks organisations to consider releasing their staff who volunteer within these roles by giving them paid time off to undertake their volunteer police duties and/or training. Currently there are 122 companies in England and Wales that support Special Constables and/or Police Support Volunteers with employee volunteering support leave.

Employee volunteering is a real opportunity for businesses and community organisations to celebrate what can be achieved through the power of volunteers. By supporting employee volunteering organisations will be clearly doing something really worthwhile for the community in terms of policing; our Specials and Police Support Volunteers help to make the community safer and offer reassurance to the public – their employers can directly contribute to this too through the Employer Supported Policing Scheme.

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