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Last Reviewed: 18/08/23


It is the policy of 3Core² Certification Limited to provide Certification of Management Systems, Products,  Processes and Services of the required quality consistently, reliably and efficiently to enable clients to make the best advantage of our company’s unique service and experience. All enquiries and applications are handled with the aim of providing and enhancing customer satisfaction, and all enquiries and applications are treated with integrity to ensure complete customer confidentiality. 

Pursuit of the required quality of service is essential to the long-term growth and survival of our business. In pursuing this policy our company believes in the concept of customer and 3Core² Certification Limited working together and striving continually for improvements in quality and efficiency. 

Our company achieves its objectives by maintaining an effective management system that complies with the following international standard: 

ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 – Requirements for bodies providing audit & certification of management systems. 

This system is defined in this Policy, our Management System Manual and our Procedures. 

In carrying out its activities our company is committed to complying with all applicable legal & other requirements and periodically evaluating compliance.

3Core2 process for describing the conditions under which outsourcing is undertaken is it has considered the risks for outsourcing any part of certification activity and determined these to be unacceptable to its core principles. Therefore, the policy is that no part of the certification activity will ever be subcontracted to another organisation. 

The objectives set by the organisation are documented, monitored and reviewed during Management Review meetings where further objectives for improvement are agreed. 

3core2 Certification has a firm commitment to the establishment and maintenance of impartiality at all levels of the organisation’s processes. These include, but are not limited to:

Impartiality in all of its’ certification processes such that certification is open to all applicants on the same basis, irrespective.

Decision making is always completed by a person independent of the auditing process

Staff involved in auditing and decision making are not subject to performance or financial target which would adversely affect or interfere in the impartiality of the decision making process

Staff (including sub-contract staff) are obliged to sign contracts requiring them to declare any conflict of interest at the time of joining the CB and if such an issue arises during the course of their employment.

Staff are aware of the Quality Policy and are required to raise any issues of coercion or threat to impartiality to a member of the impartiality committee or to the Accreditation Body if needed.

3core2 Certification Limited will not certificate another certification body for its Quality Manual System.

In order to ensure that all work is of the required quality of service to clients, the policy of our company involves all employees and the objectives will be communicated as widely as possible. Practical assistance and training will be given when necessary to ensure that knowledge and experience are acquired for the successful implementation of this policy. 

Donn Houldsworth

Managing Director